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CLASSICS. Salvete! By Ed Phinney and Mary Catherine Phinney. A first course in Latin introducing the language and life of the Roman world at the beginning of the first century AD through the lives of two teenagers, Lucius and Lucilia. Cambridge University Press Pounds 3.95. 0 52140683 8.

ENGLISH. New Oxford English 1: Video. This brings to life commercials, poetry, a selection of regional accents and interviews and discussions for key stage 3. Oxford University Press Pounds 30.

Making Texts Work: Literature strategies for key stages 3 and 4. Activities to help pupils fulfil the new literature requirements are contained in this file of photocopiable worksheets and teacher's notes. Stanley Thornes Pounds 26.99

GEOGRAPHY. Heinemann 16 to 19 Geography: The Physical Environment. By Bob Digby. One of two core books aimed at the revised ULEAC 16 to 19 syllabus, it introduces geographical ideas through case studies from around the world. Heinemann Pounds 14.99. 0 435 35227 X.

Global Issues of our Time. Edited by Dr John Lidstone. The outcome of a meeting of geography teachers at the International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education in Sydney, Australia. Among the issues discussed are population, poverty, urbanisation, transport and pollution. Cambridge University Press Pounds 12.95. 0 521 42163 2.

HISTORY. Britain since 1930. More than 300 pictures from the Hulton Deutsch collection illustrating life in Britain from 1930 to the 1970s, are featured on this CD-Rom for key stages 2 and 3. Health, transport, leisure, family life, news and major events are among the areas covered. For Acorn and IBM compatibles. Pounds 25. Anglia Television Ltd Anglia House, Norwich NR1 3JG.

MATHEMATICS. Ginn Mathematics new reception materials. By Lin and Richard Bulloch. Large format materials for teaching basic maths language and skills. Includes workbooks, resource book and reception games. 2+ materials have also been published to stretch brighter infants. Ginn.

A mathematical Pandora's box. By Brian Bolt. Another puzzle book to follow the successful Mathematical cavalcade. It contains 142 puzzles for all ages and concludes with solutions and explanations. Cambridge University Press Pounds 8.50. 0 521 44619 8.

Levels 2 and 3 Top and Exercise Pack, Heinemann Maths Packs - Key Stage 3. Designed to help those pupils in their first years of secondary school who have yet to master material at earlier levels of the national curriculum. Provides resource material for levels 2 and 3 and much of level 4. Heinemann Pounds 49.95.

MUSIC. The Sounding Symbol: Music Education in Action. By George Odam. Aimed at primary and secondary teachers and students in initial teacher training, it concentrates on listening skills before learning to read or write music. Stanley Thornes Pounds 12.99. 0 7487 2323 4.

SCIENCE. SmartHeart Teacher and SmartHeart Plus. The opportunity to listen to your own heart and see the ECG information on the screen is one facility offered by these two packs containing CD-Roms, heart monitors and software. SmartHeart Plus goes one step further by allowing single-lead arrhythmia monitoring. For PC compatibles. Pounds 99.95 and Pounds 295 respectively. Guildsoft Ltd, The Software Centre, East Way, Lee Mill Industrial Estate, Ivybridge, Nr Plymouth PL21 9PE. Tel: 01752 895100.

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