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Energy Matters. The product of a partnership between the National Trust and Eastern Electricity, this pack for key stages 2 and 3 takes a range of Trust properties as the starting point for a look at energy conservation and management issues in science, IT, design and technology, history and environmental education. It includes case studies, worksheets and information. Pounds 7.50. The National Trust, 36 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AS.

Arts in the School Grounds. By Brian Keaney. Numerous imaginative activities which can take place in school grounds are suggested in this book. Suitable for key stages 1 and 2, they cover a wide range of subject areas including art and design, drama and movement and music. Southgate. Pounds 8.99.

Pioneers: Improving Your School environment. Designed to inspire parents and teachers to think about how to improve their school building and grounds, this book explains in simple stages how to plan and develop a strategy. It is illustrated by examples of work in schools in South Wales done in partnership with The Pioneers, a non-profit making company which employs visual artists, builders and other crafts-people to produced large scale art works. Pounds 12. NSEAD, The Gatehouse, Corsham court, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 0BZ.

Dysgu Celf Yng Nghymru (Teaching Art in Wales). This set of publications for key stages 1, 2 and 3 is designed to support the teaching of national curriculum art in a Welsh context. The pack includes a handbook, a set of A3 cards and a 30-minute video. Each publication costs Pounds 15. University of Wales Press, 6 Gwennyth Street, Cathays, Cardiff CF2 4YD.

How to Help Your Child: Writing Skills for Parents.

By Irene Yates. This book takes parents through the skills children need for writing; looks at different stages and how to recognise their children's progress, explains the technicalities including spelling and punctuation, and describes national curriculum demands. It includes some practical activities for improving handwriting. Pounds 5.99. Piccadilly Press.

The Good Health Guide to Eating, Drinking, Working, Resting and Playing.

By John Lloyd and Ron Morton. This photocopiable teacher's book enables 8 to 12 year olds to explore health issues. Topics include coping with growth, change and responsibility,food and drink, developing satisfaction through work, exercise and developing self-confidence and handling peer-group pressure. It includes activities. Pounds 8.99. Leopard Learning, Croft End, Tadwick, Bath, Avon BA1 8AH.

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