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SOCIOLOGY. Think Sociology: Voices by Leeds University Television. Crime and Deviance and Health are two A-level topics discussed in this video, which takes the form of "talking heads" interviews. Pounds 37.50 + VAT. Stanley Thornes SPECIAL NEEDS

Access Technology is a guide to technology available for blind and partially sighted students at school and college. It advises on how to select the most appropriate equipment and gives product details and prices. Pounds 10. RNIB National Education Services, Garrow House, 190 Kensal Road, London W10 5BT.

Tel: 0181 968 8600.


The Broadly Christian Assembly Book, edited by David Self, provides a selection of over 100 readings chosen to entertain for secondary schools from sources including novels, poetry, biography and religious writing. Pounds 14.99. Heinemann.

Tel: 01865 311366.


Good Practice Guide 2: Using IT in Careers Education and Guidance. From the National Council for Educational Technology this book describes the types of software available, outlines considerations when purchasing and suggests how various types of software could relate to the aims of a careers programme. Pounds 4.95. NCET, Milburn Hill Road, Science Park, Coventry CV4 7JJ.

Tel: 01203 416994.


The Hutchinson Science Library. Published in association with the Science Museum, London, this CD-Rom includes an interactive quiz, newsflashes, quotations, tables, bibliographies and progress reports, 2,500 key events and discoveries, terms and concepts from the national curriculum, and over 1,300 biographies. For Windows computers. Pounds 39.99. Hutchinson.


Essential Articles 4: The Resource File for Issues. From advertising and Aids, through euthanasia, murder, nationalism and race to women, work and young people, this file provides a large range of copiable articles from a variety of sources on issues and controversies to enliven many subject areas. Teacher's notes and drama ideas are included. Pounds 45. (10 per cent discount for subscribers to whom further volumes are sent on approval). Carel Press, 4 Hewson Street, Carlisle CA2 5AU. Tel: 01228 38928.

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