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Practical Ways to Organise Reading By Angela Redfern. This booklet for teachers of key stages 1 and 2 focuses on organising the classroom, daily and weekly routines, classroom support, group reading and assessment, recording and reporting. Pounds 3.95. Reading and Language Information Centre, University of Reading, Bulmershe Court, Earley, Reading RG6 1HY. Tel: 01734 318820.

The Risk Pack; Accident Prevention Resource Guide The pack provides ideas, prompts and activities to help children at key stage 2 assess the dangers of everyday activities and act accordingly. It can be applied to physical hazards such as accidents at school, home or on the road, or less tangible hazards such as world-wide environmental damage. The guide suggests how to carry out research into safety issues, and lists relevant organisations and resources. Pounds 5 each (Pounds 8 together). Child Accident Prevention Trust, 18-20 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AU.

Tel: 0171 608 3828.

The Journey of Thomas Blue Eagle This CD-Rom allows children to follow the story of a young Lakota warrior from his tepee village to a school for young Indian children where he learns the "white man's" customs. Based on the historical novel, The Ledger Book of Thomas Blue Eagle, it can be used in primary and secondary schools as reference material and as a source for creative materials. For PCs. Pounds 24 before July 31; Pounds 25.52 after that date. Yorkshire International Thomson Multimedia, The Television Centre, Leeds LS3 1JS. Tel: 0113 243 8283.

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