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BUSINESS STUDIES The Holiday Resort; The Magazine; Business Systems. Three videos about the real world of business. The first looks at businesses in a holiday town facing decline and recession; the second tells the inside story of a magazine through interviews with the publishing team, readers and critics; the third is a drama documentary which explores information systems. Pounds 42 each to secondary schools. TV Choice, 22 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H OHR.

CROSS-CURRICULAR Wise Up to Waste. Recycling, landfill overload and re-use of materials are some of the issues explored in this pack for pupils aged between 15 and 18. Send four first class stamps to Waste Watch, Gresham House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BN.

ENGLISH Reading for Summary. Photocopiable worksheets with extracts which key stage 3 students read and then summarise by talking, drawing or writing. Teacher's notes are included. Pounds 19.95. The Chalkface Project, PO Box 1, Milton Keynes MK5 6JB.

Stories from India. Designed to help bi-lingual children develop linguistic skills and confidence in English and Gujarati, this pack which includes a tape and booklet features eight tales, performed in Gujarati and English. Pounds 12.76. De Montfort University, Lens Based Media, The Gateway, Leicester LE1 9BH.

MATHEMATICS Circa is a new, lively maths magazine for 10- year-olds and above containing games, quizzes and comic strip stories. Teacher's notes are included. It can be bought in packs of 10 (schools and centres usually sell-on the magazine to pupils). Pounds 35 for 10 copies each of three magazines published termly. Circa, 10 Narcissus Road, London NW6 1TH.

PSHE Equal Opportunities. This activities pack for Years 7-13 can be used as a general studies programme for careers education and by teachers of GCSE English and businessmedia studies. FrameworkPress. Pounds 47.50. Dept TPL,Parkfield, Greaves Road, Lancaster LA1 4TXZ.

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