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Novaya Iskra 1. The first part of the Nuffield Russian Project's three-stage course for Russian GCSE, this pack consists of a pupil's book, teacher's book and cassettes. It includes typical GCSE activities; a gradual introduction to Russian handwriting and printed text; background information on aspects of Russian life; and opportunities for differentiation. Pupil's book, Pounds 11.99; teacher's book, Pounds 35; two cassettes, Pounds 35. John Murray.

Bravo! Practice and Revision for French GCSE; Revision for French GCSE. The first of these packs, with teacher's book, pupil's book and cassette, has tasks modelled closely to the rubrics and task types in the new GCSE examination. It is designed to help pupils to achieve the higher grades and is suitable for secondary schools, colleges and adult education centres. The second is a revision package for students with answers included. Bravo!: pupil's book, Pounds 4.99; pack of five pupil's books, Pounds 22.50; teacher's book and cassette, Pounds 25. Revision for French (revision guide plus one cassette), Pounds 13.99. John Murray.


Success in Data Response for A-level Economics. By Glenys Jones. Data response questions are an important part of the new economics A-level. This book contains graded exercises to teach students techniques. It offers tips, up-to-date examples and guidance on what examiners are looking for. Pounds 8.99. Stanley Thornes.

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