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Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding. Edited by Jenny Kennedy. Aimed at primary teachers who feel they do not have sufficient knowledge of science because they are not specialists, this book takes readers step by step through all the topics in the national curriculum at key stages 1 and 2. Illustrations and real-life examples are included. Pounds 14.99. Routledge.


Touching the Past: Archaeology 5-14. Edited by Elizabeth and Neil Curtis. Sponsored by Historic Scotland, this resource book advises teachers on the use of resource material for archaeology, using examples from around Scotland. It aims to promote children's investigative skills, encourage curiosity about the past and the ability to analyse evidence. Pounds 4.95. Scottish Children's Press, Unit 14, Leith Walk Business Centre, 130 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 5DT. Tel: 0131 555 5950.


Tune In . . . Aimed at key stage 2 and Scottish levels B-D, this pack from the EMI group provides support material which reflects the revised teaching requirements at this level. It offers education notes and music activities, including ones related to science, art, design and technology. The pack contains a compact disc with more than 20 illustrative pieces of music. The pack is free, but there is a Pounds 2.50 postage charge. Further details from EMI Tune In Education Pack, PO Box SO3, Leicester LE94 OAD.

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