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Recognition for 'failures'

AS the headteacher of a secondary modern school (for those who have forgotten - a school attended by children who fail to get into a grammar school), I must express my anger and deep regret that our achievements have yet again failed to be recognised.

League tables of all description applaud and honour the top 10 grammarcomprehensiveindependent and improving schools and wax lyrical about the achievements of specialist schools, yet the significant number of secondary moderns in this county and others, fail to get a mention.

I assume that this is because children in these schools are incapable of achieving anything worth menioning. Having failed the grade aged 11 and being by definition "below average" we can't really expect much can we?

Such short-sighted nonsense can only be displayed by those who have no knowledge or understanding of education.

In the Government's stead I would like to publicly congratulate the staff and pupils in my school who this year achieved 46 per cent top grade GCSEs and have achieved 35 per cent and over for the past four years.

If I don't say it who else is going to ensure that they get their due recognition?

Mrs C Murrell Headteacher The Gleed girls' school Neville Avenue Spalding Lincolnshire

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