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Recovery from 'devastation'

It was business as usual on Wednesday for Michael Thurley, head of Seven Mills primary school, 500 yards from last Friday's bomb at South Quay in London's Docklands, writes Diane Spencer.

He found "sheer devastation" early on Saturday. The front of the building had shifted by six inches, the early-years unit's roof had been blown off and equipment damaged by torrential rain. Tower Hamlets council estimates the cost at Pounds 100,000.

The school, which is closer to the blast than Canary Wharf, was made safe enough for the 265 pupils by midweek. A team of counsellors, led by Elizabeth Capewell, who helped survivors of the Hungerford and Hillsborough disasters, is on hand, but most pupils "seem to be handling it well", Mr Thurley said.

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