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Recruitment drive gets glitz

THE Scottish Executive has opted for a television blitz over the next month as the first pound;1.5 million stage in its campaign to change negative perceptions about teaching.

More than eight out of 10 people say the pressures of the job are a deterrent to entering the profession - only 4 per cent out of 1,052 adults interviewed in a System Three survey believe teaching to be "very appealing".

Ministers, backed by the major education players, want to soften p the target 18-35 audience who might be persuaded to take up a classroom career before coming in later this year and next with a hard-sell message about applying for training places.

Ironically, research ahead of the campaign shows that the post-McCrone deal on pay and conditions will not make a substantial difference. Those in the profession, along with the public, say the major motivation is working with children in a rewarding and varied job.

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