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Recycled, but not just as chip paper

Recent years have seen many new threats to the environment - lead-based fuels, CFC gases, carbon fuel emissionsI and teachers.

In the past, readers of The TES have been concerned that the paper's sizeable jobs section is making a significant dent in the world's forests.

But career prospects will no longer come at the expense of the environment as the news and jobs sections are printed entirely on recycled paper.

Peter Smith of UPM-Kymmene, which supplies paper for The TES, said: "In Britain, we're abysmal at recycling. We need to promote newspapers and magazines as a valuable source of raw material, not just something to be thrown away.

Bob Doe, editor of the paper, said: "Teachers tell us they rely on The TES as their best source of jobs, but many have complained in the past about the numbers of trees felled to print them all, particularly in a week like this with three jobs sections.

"The paper is a great recycling success story - it saves trees and reproduces pictures better than the woodpulp paper we were using. But it's only the paper that's recycled - the news will be just as fresh as ever."

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