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Rediscover your 'trendy' instincts

Whatever happened to trendy teachers? Only 10 years ago they were excoriated by the tabloids, Chris Woodhead and Tory ministers. Now, at least in infant classes, they sadly appear to be a dying breed. Trendy teachers thought they knew better than government apparatchiks. Now we find (though not to our surprise) that in the pilot to put teacher assessment rather than government tests at the heart of judgements about children's attainments, Year 2 teachers are afraid to trust their own abilities (see page 4).

Yes, teachers, you have been oppressed and de-skilled for a long time.

Break the habit! Every infant teacher wants to help children to become independent and self-reliant. How can you do that if you don't learn these lessons yourselves? Ministers are trying to make themselves trust teachers.

You have to trust yourselves first.

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