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I'm a qualified English teacher in my 40s. I have worked for the past 13 years overseas, following my husband's job. I am now in a large city with several international schools where we are likely to stay for the next few years, but I can only find work as a classroom aide. Are there any refresher courses?

Although there are "returner" courses run by the Teacher Training Agency in England, I don't know of any in Europe. You could enrol on a distance-learning course run by a university, such as the Open University, that will allow you to update your knowledge of a particular area of teaching. Although there are summer school requirements, most of the course can be done from overseas. Alternatively, look at what organisations serving the international schools' market have to offer by way of professional development. Try the following link: www.ecis.orgcoursesdistanceshort_and_degree.htm.

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