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Refugee families from Kosovo;Social history

* Refugee families from Kosovo are currently the largest group of the 20,000-plus asylum-seekers who every year enter the UK. Like refugees over the centuries, they may be socially isolated and in poor housing, without friends or family.

Education, particularly language support, is often their best route to self-sufficiency and a new life, says the Refugee Council. It publishes materials for teachers and children, including storybooks and word lists for school use in languages such as Arabic, Kurdish, Somali and Albanian.

It also produces a free booklet, "Helping Refugee Children in Schools". This includes advice on meeting the needs of early years and adolescent children, on language support, on introducing children to unfamiliar types of learning such as group work or learning through play, and on working with parents and carers.

Refugee Council, 3 Bondway, London SW8 1SJ. Tel: 0171 582 9929

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