Regular audits might take the sting out of inspection

Why is it that as soon as teachers and governors become aware that an Office for Standards in Education inspection is to take place, nails become shorter, and hair turns greyer?

I would have thought that if procedures were adhered to, most of the hype associated with an OFSTED inspection would cease.

Many industrial companies today are certified to either international or British standards of quality assurance. They are regularly inspected - often once a year, to see whether or not they conform to such standards. One of the principal purposes for companies to obtain and retain such certification is to assure their customers that they are being consistent in providing them with quality products and services.

To ease any pains a school might have prior to an inspection - take a leaf from industry and regularly audit yourselves. You can then feel confident knowing that by doing so all will be well come inspection week with hair and nails in good condition.

EMRYS BATCHELOR 38 Mendip Crescent Putnoe Bedford, Bedfordshire

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