Rejoice in the most fabulous of professions

Kirsten Wilson's letter (TES, August 29) prompts me to write and say that teaching is absolutely fabulous. When I announced to friends that I was going into teaching, I was told by most that I would make a good teacher, but this was generally followed by questions about my sanity. Secondary school pupils were referred to as the "acne and attitude mob".

At my college interview, the first question asked was "Why is an intelligent woman like yourself thinking of entering the teaching profession?" During the first few days of my phase one teaching practice, I was frequently asked by staff members if I was sure that I wanted to teach; this was often followed by the assurance that once I started taking classes I would soon be put off the idea. I have no doubt that such questions and comments were uttered with tongues in cheeks but my time in school served to reinforce the commitment that I have towards teaching.

The PGCE was a very demanding course and there were times when I felt that I was sinking under a sea of schemes of work, lesson plans and marking. As my teaching practice drew to a close, it was with great regret that I informed my classes that I was leaving. Many of those whom I taught were sorry to see me go, being under the impression that once qualified I would become a full-time member of staff at that school.

To all new PGCE students, I say good luck and enjoy. Teaching is wonderful; it is a vocation I am sincerely glad that I have found.

BARBARA ANSTEY 229 Blandford Road Efford Plymouth

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