Remember what happened?

Our Christmas quiz for 2005 compiled by Biddy Passmore

1 Who said teachers could only afford to buy a broom cupboard to live in in the South of England?

2 Who was dubbed "Minister for flagellation and spiky garters"?

3 Who is never seen in school?

4 Who said of her teaching experience: "The classroom was bloody good preparation for the jungle?"

5 Who said that working in the classroom was better than any anti-ageing cream?

6 Who taught Sir Alan Sugar to make gunpowder?

7 Who climbed into a 45-foot brewery lorry that was obstructing the school run, drove it 100 yards down the street, dropped his three children off at school and then turned himself in to the police?

8 What was described as deserving an A level in stupidity?

9 Who proposed a knighthood for TV chef Jamie Oliver?

10 Who said Ofsted would be given the power to report on the standard of teachers' dress?

11 What is the average surplus of a primary school in England 1.pound;15,000 2. pound;30,000 3.pound;50,000?

12 Who retired as general secretary of a union to spend more time with his horses?

13 Which new education minister had to hire ermine robes to deal with the consequences of his own policy initiatives?

14 Who told teachers to bunk off to save the world?

15 Which national newspaper editor is married to the dean of Chelmsford cathedral?

16 Which former education officer of the National Union of Teachers received a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours?

17 Who wanted the expression "couch potato" replaced by "couch slouch"?

18 Who urged philanthropists to back three schools and get one free?

19 Who caught fire during an exam?

20 Which educationist was described as "a national treasure?"

How did you score?

See answers below

1 The Scottish Executive, trying to tempt teachers to come and work in affordable Scotland.

2 Education secretary Ruth Kelly, by the Independent sketchwriter Simon Carr, over her alleged links with the Catholic Opus Dei sect.

3 A knighted headteacher.

4 Janet Street-Porter, whose stint as temporary teacher for the Channel 5 programme So You Think You Can Teach was filmed before her jungle experiences in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

5 The Teacher Training Agency, prompting many complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

6 His physics teacher at Joseph Priestley school in east London.

7 Former world middleweight boxing champion Chris Eubank, in Brighton.

8 The Government's decision to turn down key parts of the Tomlinson Report on 14 to 19 exams.

9 Steven Sinnott, general secretary of the NUT

10 The TES, on April 1, prompting many calls to Ofsted's helpline.

11 pound;50,000

12 David Hart, after 28 years as general secretary of the NAHT.

13 Lord (Andrew) Adonis of Camden Town, former Number 10 policy adviser, given a peerage to become the minister responsible for city academies.

14 Bob Geldof, who urged pupils and teachers to abandon school for two days to lobby international leaders at the G8 conference in Edinburgh in July.

15 Judith Judd, who became editor of The TES at the end of May.

16 Sir Michael Barber, also former head of the Prime Minister's delivery unit.

17 The British Potato Council, who said "couch potato" was damaging the vegetable's image.

18 Education ministers, keen to hit their target of launching 200 city academies within five years.

19 A bored exam invigilator playing with a lighter in his pocket (quoted by exam board AQA).

20 Ted Wragg, by William Atkinson, head of Phoenix high in London. Ted died on November 10.

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