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Reprimand is a serious matter

Your article on General Teaching Council regulatory hearings (TES, April 22) does not seem to appreciate the significance of a teacher receiving a reprimand.

For any registrant of a professional body to receive a sanction is a serious matter. All sanctions imposed by GTC hearing committees - whether a reprimand, a conditional registration order, a suspension order or prohibition from the register - are recorded on the GTC register. A reprimand sends out a clear message to the teacher and the public that their professional behaviour was unacceptable and must not happen again.

Reprimands remain in force for two years and are available to current and potential employers during the life of the sanction. Because the council acts in the public interest, disciplinary orders are also available on the GTC website and are reported in the Press. While most teachers will never experience the GTC's regulatory processes, these have been designed to uphold the high standards of conduct and practice maintained by the profession. The decision to impose any GTC sanction is a very significant one.

David James Professional standards manager General Teaching Councilfor England

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