Reprimanded for lewd comments

A maths teacher accused of asking a 14-year-old girl if she wanted to borrow his handcuffs, whips and chains and making comments about another's breasts has been reprimanded by England's General Teaching Council.

Robert Worger, who taught at Walton community school in Peterborough, was also said to have asked one girl "shall we go into the cupboard and sort it out?" and to have told a boy to "act your age not your penis size".

The married father-of-two, who no longer works with children, faced 14 counts of making sexually inappropriate comments to pupils at a disciplinary hearing in Birmingham this week. He denied six charges but admitted unacceptable unprofessional conduct and the reprimand remains on his record for two years.

Avril Flanaghan, Walton's headteacher, only learned about Mr Worger's conversations with his pupils when she took one of his Year 10 classes, the GTC was told.

A girl said Mr Worger asked her "Do you want to borrow my handcuffs, whips and chains?" after a discussion about newsreaders who had dressed up for the Children In Need TV show in leather outfits. Pupils told Ms Flanaghan that Mr Worger regularly gave sex advice to one boy and talked about sex in every lesson between September 2003 and January 2004.

One pupil said to her: 'It's all true, miss, and it shouldn't be happening, should it?"

Ms Flanaghan said Mr Worger commented on the size of another pupil's breasts. He was also charged with saying to one pupil "act your age and not your penis size" and to another "I don't fucking swear".

Mr Worger, who suffered from a suspected blood clot on the brain during 2003, admitted four charges, denied six, said he phrased three comments differently and that he only mouthed one of them.

He was suspended and later resigned in March 2004 after an internal investigation, and his name was placed on a file at the Criminal Records Bureau.

Mr Worger apologised for his actions and said pupils had started the conversations about sex but he had validated them by adding to them. "There was inappropriate banter which I didn't clamp down on."

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