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Resist bullying by the gay lobby

I was saddened by the article on gay bullying (TES, February 8). Bullying of any form is unacceptable, and the idea of an advice card is welcome but it should not concentrate on one particular form of bullying, as that could be taken to imply that another form was less serious.

What concerns me more, though, is the fact that the card (and teachers'

unions) support lifestyles that are alien to every culture in the world.

There is a huge body of evidence from across the globe, including research carried out by gay pressure groups, pointing to the importance of the family as it is traditionally understood - one man, one woman and children.

At the same time, there is a similar body of evidence which notes that the very behaviour being condoned by the unions is a major factor in the collapse of the social fabric and the increasing problems faced by teachers.

Thankfully, here in Wales, the reality of this has been recognised by the General Teaching Council Wales. In the final version of the "general principles" section of the Professional Code the sentence "(Teachers) respect the rights and needs of pupils, colleagues and others with whom they come into professional contact, having regard to gender, ethnicity, age, religion, special needs, sexual orientation and linguistic background" was changed to "(Teachers) are committed to providing equal opportunities to pupils, colleagues and others ...".

The gay lobby has used bullying tactics to pressure politicians to legitimise their behaviour.

Andrew Bowdler 1 St Nicholas Close Dinas Powys

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