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Resource reviews in this week's TES

Education books Defying Disaffection: how schools are winning the hearts and minds of reluctant students By Reva Klein Education and Social Justice By Stephen Gorard

Education, Equality and Human Rights Edited by Mike Cole

Combating social exclusion through education Edited by Guido Walraven, Carl Parsons, Dolf van Veen and Chris Day

Politics The School Report: why Britain's schools are failing by Nick Davies

Mathematics Why Learn Maths? Edited by Steve Bramall and John White

Secondary Drama Nelson Dramascripts Crimes and Punishments By John O'Connor

Family Fortunes By Simon Adorian

Goat Song By David Calcutt

Great Escapes By Adrian Flynn

Local Heroes By Sue Saunders

Love and Loss David Calcutt

Primary information books Literacy and science series A Basic Encyclopaedia of Food By Ester Davies

Comparing Giraffes and Polar Bears Bobbie Neate

A Basic Dictionary of Plants and Gardening By Nick Wright and Bobbie Neate

Indexing Indexing Children's Books By KGB Bakewell and Paula L Williams

Hardware Intel QX3 Computer Microscope

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