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Resource selection

I was perplexed to read Sue Ellis's letter regarding my appraisal of the Achievement in Literacy programme (TESS, March 17).

By detailing the nature of the programme and its content, I identified its target audience and the perceived need for such a resource. I did not, as Mrs Ellis suggested, advocate this reading scheme for universal use.

It is clear that professional decisions regarding the teaching of reading will be required to distil what parts, if any, of this programme are appropriate to a given teaching situation. Irrespective of local authority, this is not "too complex" a task for professional teachers to think about, as Mrs Ellis appears to suggest.

Obviously, an important part of our professional responsibility is to evaluate and consider all available resources, and select those which are most appropriate to the pupils' needs.

Lynn Nisbet

Kilpatrick Gardens

Clarkston, Glasgow

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