* Teenage pregnancy co-ordinators ( should hold details of local services. Contact them via the teenage pregnancy unit, Department of Health, 020 7972 5098.

* fpa, formerly the Family Planning Association ( Helpline (low-cost): 0845 310 1334. Books and resources, including Holding the Baby video for teenagers, from fpa direct. Tel: 01865 719418. fpa also runs training courses for teachers, youth workers and school nurses. Tel: 020 7923 52325222. Email:

* Contraception Education ( runs study days for teachers, school governors and youth workers. Tel: 0161 278 2449.

* Healthy Schools initiative (

* British Pregnancy Advisory Service ( Action line: 08457 304030.

* Sex Education Forum, part of the National Children's Bureau, national authority on sex and relationships education ( Tel: 020 7843 6000.

* National Council for One-parent Families (www.oneparent helpline 0800 018 5026.

For young people

* Brook advisory centres ( Free helpline: 0800 018 5023.

* RUthinking (

* Sexwise: Free helpline 0800 282930.

* ChildLine. Free 24-hour helpline : 0800 1111.

For parents

* Parentlineplus: 0808 800 2222.


* Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy first annual report, November 2001, is available online at www.teenagepregnancy

* The Social Exclusion Unit Report on Teenage Pregnancy, 1999, is pound;18 and available from the Stationery Office ( Tel: 0870 600 5522. POBox 29, St Crispins House, Duke Street, Norwich NR3 1GW.

* Sex and Relationship Education Guidance, 2000 from the Department for Education and Skills, guidance which is downloadable from the internet.

* Just Say No! to Abstinence Education and other information sheets are available from the Sex Education Forum, National Children's Bureau (, 8 Wakley Street, London EC1 7QE.

For adults

* Adolescent Parenthood: a guide to best practice and research by Judy Corolyn and Catherine Dennison (Psychology Press pound;15.99).

* Sex and your Teenager by John Coleman (John Wiley, pound;8.99).

* Tackling Teenage Pregnancy: sex, culture and needs by Ruth Chambers, Gill Wakely and Steph Chambers (Radcliffe Medical Press, pound;19.95).

Fiction for ks 23

* Mezzer's Baby by Bette Paul (Scholastic Press, pound;4.99). Adventure story in which two likely lads find a baby and its mother in an abandoned house.

* Dear Nobody by Berlie Doherty (Puffin, pound;4.99). The 1991 Carnegie Medal winner describes the first flush of romance, the rude awakening of pregnancy and some hard decisions in Helen's letters to her unborn baby.

* Tango's Baby by Martin Waddell (Walker Books, pound;4.99). Strong boy appeal.

Additional resources research by Reach, the National Advice Centre for Children with Reading Difficulties. Its information helpline is 0845 6040414; A full list of resources on teenage pregnancy is available at

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