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* The DfES's school security website ( contains sections on the working group on school security, sources of funding, the law, guidance, links to publications, a directory of local authority best practice, links to other school security-related sites, and the latest news of legislative and other changes affecting school security.

* Can You See What They See? is a free video for staff and governors that can be ordered from the DfES publications centre. Tel: 0845 6022260. Email:

* The original report of the working group on school security is available free from the DfES publications centre. Report of the Working Group on School Security (DfES, 1996).

* The most recent research is School Security Concerns (DfES Research Report RR419). Published in April 2003 and written by Richard Lloyd and Charlene King, this is available as a pdf file from the DfES publications website.

* The Home Office runs a Planning for Schools-related Incidents Workshop for governors, headteachers and officials. Contact the Home Office Emergency Planning College for details. Tel: 0870 0001585.

* The DfES has produced a legal toolkit for schools, Tackling Abuse, Threats and Violence Towards Members of the School Community (2002), with details of legal remedies available for abuse, threats and violence. From the DfES publications centre. Also see:

* The School Police Protocols are available on the DfES website (

* Information about the Safer School Partnerships initiative can be found at The Safer Schools Partnerships Guidance is published by the DfES, the Home Office, the Youth Justice Board, the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Association of Chief Education Officers. Contact the DfES on 020 7925 5114, or ACPO on 01245 452314, for information. There is also information about the SSP on the YJB website:

* For information about training in restorative justice skills see the website of the Oxford-based organisation Transforming Conflict (; tel: 0118 933 1520). This organisation, run by Belinda Hopkins, is particularly experienced in the use of restorative justice in education. Ms Hopkins worked with Thames Valley Police on its restorative justice schools programme, and has recently, written with Guy Masters, Just Schools: a whole-school approach to restorative justice (Jessica Kingsley, pound;19.95).

* Maximum Security: the culture of violence in inner-city schools, by John Devine (University of Chicago Press, pound;13).

* Practical School Security Handbook: basic guidelines for safe and secure schools, by Kenneth S Trump (Sage Publications, pound;11.75).

For a full list of resources see

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