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* The Trident Trust ( is an educational charity offering work placement service and resources.

* childprotectionusefulinformation workexperience has advice for schools and employers on work placements.

* is an information site for schools, colleges and employers.

* The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has resources on work-related learning. Go to index_s4-0-work-related.htm.

* The University of GlasgowScottish Council for Research in Education studies on equality in work experience are at

* National Education Business Partnership Network (

* The Centre for Education and Industry (

* The Office for Standards in Education's report entitled "Extending Work-related Learning at Key Stage 4" is at

* The Learning and Skills Development Agency (

* Former chief inspector Mike Tomlinson's working group on 14-19 reform (

* Economic and Social Research Council seminar papers on work-related learning for demotivated 14 to 16-year-olds ( default.asp).

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