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* The law relating to school reports is summarised at management atoz (search for "pupil reports").

* The QCA's Assessment and Reporting Arrangements booklets are sent annually to schools; they may also be downloaded from (under "Tests and tasks").

* A selection of case studies and examples can be found at casestudies by following the link "pupil reports", and at burdens by following the links "good practice" and "reporting to parents".

* Carn Software:

* Connetix

* Chiltern Education Consultants:

* There are dozens more report writing software programs.A selection can be found on the Becta website: ukleaders (under "MIS software").


* Sue Cowley's How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching (Continuum Pounds 12.99) and The Guerilla Guide to Teaching (Continuum pound;14.99) have sections on how to write reports, as does The Newly Qualified Teacher's Handbook, by Elizabeth Holmes (RoutledgeFalmer pound;15.99).

* Could Do Better: school reports of the great and the good, edited by Catherine Hurley (Pocket Books pound;7.99), shows just how wrong teachers can sometimes be. Coming soon: Could Do EvenBetter.

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