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* Eco-schools is managed in the UK by Encams (; tel: 01942 612639.

* Global Action Plan (www.globalaction; tel: 020 7405 5633.

* Sustrans ( will publish its report Making School Travel Plans Work later this year. It also runs the Safe Routes to School project. Information line: 0845 113 0065.

* Council for Environmental Education (; tel: 0118 950 2550.

* Classrooms for the Future is on - follow the links to building design.

* The DfESQCA information on education for sustainable development is at

* Scottish Power has details about green schemes and available grants: www.scottishpower.compagesaboutus_ environment?navaboutus_environment.

* Rockware Glass website has ideas for glass recycling (

* Winsund supply solar panels and wind turbines (

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