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* The Handwriting Interest Group, (www.handwriting soon to be re-named the National Handwriting Association, has an extensive website, with its own publications list. It also runs accredited five-day courses for teachers, in association with the Institute of Education.

* British Dyslexia Association ( The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties( The Dyspraxia Foundation (www.dyspraxiafoundation.

* The Role of Handwriting in Raising Achievement study can be found at: phpread.php?sectionid=82articleid=689.

* The Edward Johnstone Foundation (www.letteringtoday. has information on the history of handwriting. It also publishes Handwriting: everyone's art (pound;7.50 + pp).

* Teaching Handwriting: continuous cursive handwriting video from Oldfield Primary school (pound;20 + VAT). Tel: 01628 621750; or email

* Handwriting: the way to teach it (Paul Chapman, pound;17.99); Handwriting of the 20th Century (RoutledgeFalmer, pound;24.99); and The Art and Science of Handwriting (Intellect, pound;19.95), all by Rosemary Sassoon.

For full list of resources, see:

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