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Resources - Date to celebrate - December 24-26 - Christmas in other countries

What's it all about?

A lesson or assembly about how Christmas is celebrated outside the UK is an excellent way to encourage children to think about citizenship and the world around them and to appreciate the diversity of traditions different from their own.

Classroom ideas

You can develop an interactive presentation on the traditions of different countries to engage pupils and get them thinking. Ask them to create lists of the traditions followed in the UK and to compare them with those in other places. This could be done as a whole-class activity on an interactive whiteboard by asking children to put their hands up and offer suggestions. Children could make decorations using the ideas they have absorbed from other countries and display them in the classroom as a celebration of cultural diversity.

Help, I have got no time to prepare

The North Pole website has excellent information about Christmas traditions in more than 30 countries, which you can use for inspiration. Visit the website at www.the-north-pole.comaround

Where do I get more information?

The TES website has lots of helpful information and resources which you can use to celebrate Christmas traditions from other cultures.

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