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Resources - Date to celebrate - December 6 - Tree Dressing Day

What is it all about?

Tree Dressing Day is an annual celebration, encouraging the appreciation of all types of trees - big and small, in cities and in the countryside.

It is a time when the whole school can get involved in storytelling, dance, music and creativity on the theme of trees and nature to mark their cultural and environmental importance.

Classroom ideas

Tree Dressing Day is an excellent opportunity to remind pupils that trees are something to be celebrated. It could also be a useful topic to incorporate into lessons on the environment, culture, art and design.

For a whole-school activity, a tree-decorating competition could be organised, with each class given the challenge of designing, creating and then decorating a special tree of their choice, to be revealed on Tree Dressing Day. Each class could be given a specific type of material to create their decorations, such as paper, wool, plastic or beads.

For older pupils, you could encourage discussions about how trees are significant to other cultures. Visit www.england-in-particular.infotreest-dress.html for more information on the celebration and its meaning.

Help, I have got no time to prepare

There are plenty of tips and ideas on the TES Connect website which you can use to celebrate Tree Dressing Day. Find them at

Where do I get more information?

For useful background information and a history of this event, visit www.redsandstonehill.nettreed.htm.

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