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Resources - Date to celebrate - February - National Heart Month

What is it all about?

National Heart Month takes place in February every year. Why not use it to focus on the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity as well as to raise awareness of the risks of heart disease through obesity, smoking and lack of exercise?

It is also a time for fundraising to help charities like the British Heart Foundation, which are focused on research to prevent and combat heart disease.

Classroom ideas

Lessons on healthy eating and exercise can be incorporated into many subject areas, particularly PE, science and PSHE.

You could begin National Heart Month with a presentation on how the heart works and why maintaining a healthy heart is essential to our well-being.

Include lots of images so pupils have a clear understanding that can then inform a class discussion.

For a whole-class activity, you could arrange a "heart day" where pupils wear red and create heart displays from a variety of materials and donate #163;1 to a charity.

Help, I have no time to prepare

The TES website has many helpful resources which you can use to prepare for National Heart Month. Visit for further information.

Where do I get more information?

The British Heart Foundation has plenty of tips and advice on maintaining a healthy heart, as well as ideas for fundraising and spreading awareness. Visit for more details.

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