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Resources - Download of the Week - Holes: chapter by chapter

What is it?

This is a chapter-by-chapter workbook designed to accompany pupils' reading of the novel Holes by Louis Sachar at key stage 3. The workbook relates to each chapter through a variety of questions, activities and tasks focusing on a theme or subject. It also includes a narrative graph that pupils can use to track different narrators through the novel.

How can it be used?

The workbook can be used by individual pupils for silent reading or adapted for work in pairs or larger groups.

Classroom ideas

You could tackle some questions as a class to promote discussion, while others may be more suited to individual activity. You could also develop this resource further by adding images or graphics. Any variations will help to make reading the text more stimulating. You can also edit the workbook to suit your preferences. Questions can be changed or removed depending on the ability of your pupils.

Why is it successful?

Examining the text with a workbook of this type creates an engaging environment for pupils and encourages the development of their own ideas while simultaneously highlighting important narrative constructions and themes.

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