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Resources - Download of the Week - Maths definitions

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What is it?

This is a collection of printable posters for classroom display, covering a wide range of maths definitions (such as area = total surface of a shape). They can be printed in large or small format and laminated, depending on the needs of the teacher or school.

How can it be used?

These posters can be used as a revision tool to remind pupils of different rules and definitions in maths lessons.

Classroom ideas

Towards the end or at the start of term, these posters can be used in class as a refresher activity for primary and secondary pupils. As a starter activity, teachers could choose a definition of the week to be recited each day, or assign groups or teams with a particular definition to base on a poster design.

Why is it successful?

These posters offer a clear and concise way to explain and define a wide range of mathematical terms. Using them as classroom displays can serve as continual reminders for younger or less able pupils - and be a useful reference tool for higher ability pupils.

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