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Resources - Download of the Week - Pirates galore!

5 Star Rating


What is it?

Extensive collection of pirate-related resources in the form of interactive presentations and printable documents for use in all key stages.

How can it be used?

Resources can be used in a range of lessons for history, English or art and design. For a broader, theme-cased topic they could form the basis of a pirate-themed project incorporating films and characters. The slides can be used throughout the term and adapted as needed.

Classroom ideas

A pirate flag competition can be organised at the beginning of term by dividing the class into teams. Each member of the team has a specific role, as they would on a pirate ship. Suggestions could be cutting fabric, organising which materials to use in the design or sketching drawings. It will give each team a chance to come together to produce something they are proud of. For younger pupils you could have a Pirate Day where everyone comes to school in costume.

Why is it successful?

This extensive resource is engaging and it's a fun theme for pupils of all ages, which can be adapted to your own ideas.

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