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What the lesson is about

This is a chapter-by-chapter booklet to accompany the study of Holes, by Louis Sachar, about a teenage boy, Stanley Yelnats, who is sent to a detention centre for a crime he did not commit. It can be used with silent, paired, group or class reading and is aimed at key stage 3 pupils.

Aims: pupils will -

- identify themes, characterisation and structure of the novel;

- have creative writing opportunities;

- develop English language skills.

Getting started

Read the first chapter of the book in class. Hand out individual reading logs to each pupil. Use questions in the workbook as the basis for class discussion before pupils write their answers in their books.

There is at least one question for each of the book's 50 chapters, but check how challenging the question is before giving it to your pupils. One question might require pupils to come up with a nickname, or draw a picture, while another might ask for a diary entry from Stanley's perspective.

Taking it further

As well as being used in pairs or for silent work, the Holes reading log can be used to spark discussions with more able pupils. As a revision exercise, pupils can fill in the narrative graph at the back of the book; less able pupils can keep this up to date throughout the term.

Where to find it

The reading booklet was uploaded by RugbyMad1 and can be found at

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