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French for Primary School Teachers

By Angela McLachlan

Teach Yourself

ISBN: 978-03409885250


This is all you need to be able to teach French in the primary classroom. Each of the 20 chapters covers language and grammar suitable for primary pupils, with more complex words and structures for higher-ability children. Accompanying CDs help you to practise pronunciation, while regular tests mean you can measure your progress.

Studio 1 Pupil Book (11-14 French)

By Anneli Mclachlan and Clive Bell


ISBN: 978-0435026967


A magazine-style layout with plenty of photographs makes this an accessible book for key stage 2 pupils. Tips show when to pause to revise a topic and when to cement essential language-learning skills, such as using a French dictionary.

The Sounds of German

By Charles V.J. Russ

Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-0521694629


An introduction to spoken German, looking at how pronunciation has evolved, how sounds are produced and how native speakers stress their words. Regular tests help you put theory into practice and there is also discussion on regional dialects.

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