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Number-based memory games

Number-based memory games


Collective memory

Collective memory activities are designed to encourage collaborative learning, giving pupils a deeper understanding of a given topic. They also help to stimulate a fun, interactive learning environment.

This collection of resources outlines three possible formats for collective memory activities, depending on how much time you have, the needs of your class and the topic in question.

The activities involve pupils working together to remember and recreate a poster.

The first option requires pupils to work together to recreate the important aspects of the poster.

The second is called "Flashpoint collective memory". Instead of pupils viewing the poster individually, the whole class is shown it for 15 seconds. Then they must work in their teams to recreate it and discuss before the second viewing.

Finally, there is a quick starter activity where each pupil views the poster and recreates as much of it as they can.

Collective memory exercises such as this provide an ideal introduction to a topic, or a means of revision. MrBartonMaths has uploaded three maths subject areas that would work well with these exercises.


GCSE revision kits - Pre-exam mindmaps and games

In the run-up to exam season, this collection of resources will save RE teachers a lot of time. They focus mainly on the OCR and Edexcel syllabuses, but resources for other exam boards can also be found at

Rmitche6 has uploaded a series of mindmaps around philosophy and ethics topics, including religion and science, the nature of god, religion and relationships, and the nature of war. Each includes keywords to stimulate discussion. RE-Teacher has supplied revision notes on similar topics.

A revision resource on religion and medical ethics (Leigh1999) discusses the sanctity of life, Christian arguments against abortion and attitudes towards fertility treatment. Leigh1999 has also uploaded a similar revision aid for Christian attitudes to war and equality.

There is a Jeopardy-style revision quiz that could be adapted for any element of the RE curriculum (phallen). Pupils are presented with clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in question form. It includes categories such as life and death, marriage and family, social harmony and even "pot luck". Phallen has also supplied a PowerPoint revision guide looking at peace and conflict.


Jazz and blues for today - Hip hop origins, plus blues composition work

Jazz and blues can form the basis of music lessons throughout key stage 3 and beyond. Pupils are often surprised at the influence both types of music have had over more commonly known types of modern pop music, such as RB and hip hop. This collection offers some general materials that are helpful for planning and covering the fundamental musical concepts.

A useful introduction to the influence of music in general (samharvey) includes a discussion on the impact of glee clubs on popularising school music societies. A useful resource for studying any musical genre is laurabeaumont's PowerPoint on how to recognise musical time by ear.

Jazz and blues resources include a piano key card that teachers can laminate (lauray). This allows pupils to easily see which notes are used - for example, in pentatonic scales.

A good overall introduction to blues music, including possible homework or composition tasks, has been supplied by alisutcliffe. This includes an overview of the 12-bar blues chord sequence, the blues scale and suggestions on improvisation.

For a listening exercise, try mangopiano's resource, based around songs by Eva Cassidy, Eric Clapton and Stealers Wheel.


Bosch awards

Cash prizes of up to #163;1,000 are available to pupils who enter the Bosch Technology Horizons award, as well as work placements at the engineering company. The essay-writing awards are designed to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering. For more information, go to

Every little helps

Students at Cullompton Business and Enterprise College in Devon have formed a relationship with their local Tesco store to help them learn more about commerce for their upcoming applied business GCSE. On a visit, groups learnt about Tesco's values and staff training.

Zoom languages

Video drama features in a set of new Spanish and German resources produced by Oxford University Press. Zoom espanol and Zoom Deutsch are aimed at key stage 3 pupils across the ability range. Go to www.oxfordsecondary.comzoom.

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