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Resources - Ten best classroom management resources

1.The benefits of co-operative work

Ways to group pupils for more effective lessons with less disruption.

2. SEAL classroom display

Seal (social and emotional aspects of learning) targets and objectives presented clearly.

3. Daily routineplan

A publisher document with colourful displays to plan the daily class routine.

4. Literacy circle time games

A collection of games and ideas on the theme of VCOP to engage the class.

5. Motivational posters

Posters targeted at early-years pupils to improve their motivation.

6. Classroom monitors

A presentation to explain the role of class monitors and their responsibilities.

7. Hello my name is ...

Printable badges to display names - useful for managing a new class.

8. Following instructions

A starter activity to get pupils thinking and improve their listening skills.

9. Progress report

An Excel document that can be edited yearly to monitor classroom progress.

10. Class rules and regulations

These can be referred to throughout the year as a reminder for pupils.

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