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Resources - Ten Best Creativity Resources

1. College of rock

A fun music-themed project to encourage creative and personal development.

2. Self portrait letter display

A decorative display idea for self-portraits in the classroom.

3. Colour activities - EYFSSEN

Colouring books and cards to encourage creative development.

4. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Lesson plans and printable resources that can be used for role-play activities.

5. Writing to describecreative writing

A selection of presentations to encourage and develop creative writing skills.

6. Calendar 2010

Yearly and monthly calendars for pupils to illustrate and add pictures to.

7. Dingbat puzzles

Fun resources to test pupils' creative and lateral thinking abilities.

8. Carnival of the animals

Plans and resources to be used with music or pictures, plus links to videos.

9. Poems for bookmarks

Poems about books and reading to be made into bookmarks.

10. Creativity in class ideas

Useful ideas and suggestions for incorporating more creativity into lessons.

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