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Resources - Ten Best critical thinking resources

1. Critical thinking skills

How to incorporate such skills across different learning areas.

2. Higher order thinking skills

A maths exercise for key stage 4 pupils to examine critical path analysis.

3. Vocabulary model

A basic resource that can be used for display or as a worksheet.

4. Basics of an argument

A presentation on the basics of an argument.

5. Critical thinking: An intro

Discusses critical thinking and how it can be applied.

6. Discussion toolkit

Activities to promote critical thinking and discussion in the classroom.

7. Question and answer structure

Ideas for questions and answers that pupils can apply to different topics.

8. De Bono's thinking hats

Encourages children to channel their thinking in different ways.

9. Analyse a poem's effectiveness

An exercise to encourage pupils to develop the way they think about poetry.

10. Thinking hats feedback sheet

Use during thinking-hat feedback sessions so pupils write down what their peers say.

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