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Resources - Ten Best interactive resources

1. Interactive number square

A useful and versatile tool that can be used in a variety of maths lessons.

2. Interactive literacy display

Uses vocabulary, connectives, punctuation and openers to help create sentences.

3. Life cycles - butterfly, frog, plants

A selection of resources covering a variety of lifecycles for multiple lessons.

4. Teaching activity templates

For use in a wide range of lessons.

5. VCOP dancing chilli pepper

Funky interactive PowerPoint for use in literacy lessons.

6. The Christmas story for IWB

An interactive presentation on the traditional Christmas story for various classes.

7. Holes - Smartboard lessons

Mixture of lessons for working through Louis Sachar's Holes.

8. Kung Fu punctuation

A visual tool for use with pupils new to phonics and punctuation.

9. Let's make letters

A tool to introduce children to cursive writing and letter formation.

10. Dragon genetics

Interactive resources for teaching genetics, with a dragon theme.

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