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Resources - Ten best parent involvement resources

1. Problem solving challenge cards

41 activity cards for foundation stage children to take home.

2. Take one book

Prepared activities that can be done using a child's reading book.

3. Reception induction booklet

Parental guide to use at home to help a child before starting school.

4. Maths presentation to parents

Helps demonstrate how maths is taught in primary school.

5. Parents' foundation leaflets

Selection of leaflets covering phonics and number work.

6. Spelling activities

For home learning, but can also be used in lessons.

7. Reading strategies for ages 5-7

Summaries of reading strategies; useful for guided reading.

8. Every Child Matters

Outlines the different areas of learning with ideas to help children at home.

9. Achievement note

Letter template to share children's achievements with parents.

10. Sats PowerPoint for ages 5-7

Overview of Sats requirements for a parents' meeting.

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