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Resources - Ten Best Special Needs Resources

1. Fine motor skills

A list of engaging activities that can be used to improve fine motor skills.

2. Classroom tray labels

A selection with descriptions and pictures to identify classroom items.

3. KS2 word level resources

Aids for teaching common words and b and d reversal.

4. Secondary school visuals

Visual support cards to help pupils with organisational difficulties.

5. Early-years special needs information

Documents on teaching from an early-yearsMontessori perspective.

6. P levels for art design and tech

A guide of the performance (P) levels and level descriptors for teaching these subjects.

7. Literacy posters

Useful posters for classroom display for secondary school pupils.

8. Simpsons PowerPoint timer

A tool helpful for indicating the time pupils have to finish any type of task.

9. Special education blog

Links to a blog for teachers working in special education with older pupils.

10. Circle time bunnies

Visual prompts for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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