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Each week, three subject teachers recommend a high-quality resource that they have tried and tested in their own classrooms


End-of-lesson challenges

What is it? The UK Mathematics Trust organises national maths competitions and enrichment activities for 11- to 18-year-olds. I used to love completing these as a student - I even won a few gold certificates, though sadly never in an Olympiad round. As a teacher, the trust is one of my favourite sources for engaging challenges. This beautifully presented selection has been shared on the TES website by Interactive Maths.

How can it be used? These challenges are really useful extension tasks that can be used for individual students or as whole-class activities when you reach the end of a lesson and realise that you still have 10 minutes left before the bell. The challenges can also form the basis of a carousel activity in which small groups of students tackle each problem for a set amount of time before rotating on to the next.

Craig Barton is an advanced skills teacher at Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton and a TES secondary maths adviser. Find him on Twitter at @TESMaths


An Inspector Calls: the board game

What is it? This beautifully made board game has been created by helenl_cox for key stage 4 students who are studying J B Priestley's play An Inspector Calls. Up to five players select a counter and roll a dice to move around the board, answering questions about Priestley's themes, characters and messages as they go.

How can it be used? Print and laminate several A3 copies of the board and get students to complete the game in groups as a fun alternative to the bog-standard revision lesson. To further challenge high-ability groups, you could organise a tournament, with the class champions going on to compete in a final. Although the existing questions are tailored to An Inspector Calls, the template is ideal to adapt for any text, making this resource a real winner.

Helen Amass is a former English teacher and a writer for the TES website


A deck of cards that's a true acid test

What is it? This week's science resource, uploaded by DrBiffy, is aimed at key stage 3 students who are studying the topic of acids and alkalis. It is a classic card deck, but with a scientific twist. The cards come in four suits: pH numbers, universal indicator colours, everyday examples of acids and alkalis, and associated potencies.

How can it be used? The activity has been skilfully arranged and is easy to print and use. Suitable for all ability groups, the cards are ideal for classroom activities but would also work well as a homework revision aid. DrBiffy includes suggestions for games such as snap, rummy and "neutral", in which students have to find pairs of cards that neutralise each other. I am looking forward to using this resource with my Year 8 class and discovering which of my pupils is a jack of all trades.

Aimee Mckeon is a science teacher at St Andrew's CE High School in Croydon, South London

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