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Response cards to raise pupils' interest

A Scottish university is following in the footsteps of corporate giants such as Pepsi Max by launching a promotional campaign that uses leading technology to pique pupils' interest in its computing courses.

Quick Response cards, in much the same format as a business card, are to be issued to teachers of maths, computing and science across Scotland.

Pupils will be able to use the cameras on their mobile phones or webcams to scan the QR code, a colourful maze that is about the same size as a barcode on grocery products, which then takes them to the website by using a simple online application. Once directed to the site, it is hoped that youngsters will find it impressive and engaging.

Professor Ian Allison, head of the university's School of Computing, said: "Our aim is to surprise, attract and engage our mainly young audience by connecting with them on their level, using tools that mean something to them."

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