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Response to the strategic review

The Association of Colleges board welcomes the independent report on its future, which follows extensive consultation with members and key partners.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both George Bright and Helen Gilchrist for undertaking the review, and members and partners for their valuable contributions.

The report makes radical recommendations for the AoC in order to shape it for the future as the champion of colleges and their learners and to meet the challenges that the sector faces over the next decade.

The AoC board accepts that members require bold action and recognises the need for radical change. It therefore, after consultation with members, endorses the report as a basis for the future direction of the association.

We will lead while listening and now wish to establish a dialogue about implications and implementation. We would encourage all members to contribute to this dialogue through national and regional channels.

The board will be meeting again on July 10 and, in addition to regional meetings taking place over the coming weeks, there will be a national AoC strategic review event in September. J We recognise that certain recommendations have extensive sector and partner support on which action can be taken quickly. As a first step we will be establishing a members' long term strategy group and a college reputation group during the summer.

The important ongoing business of AoC on behalf of members will, of course, continue during the evolution of this nnew approach.

John Bingham

chair, Association of Colleges board

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