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Responsible remuneration

My child has recently started to attend a pre-school that has just merged with an existing playgroup in preparation to receive nursery vouchers.

As an experienced reception teacher, I have been very impressed by the quality of provision at this establishment and the commitment, energy and enthusiasm shown by the staff.

Their workload, however, has increased enormously as they have had to attend courses and do coursework in preparation for inspection.

One member of staff in particular has been absent, owing to work-related stress.

If she were paid a professional wage, it would be more acceptable that she should be responsible for the "learning outcomes" of our four-year-olds but the fact is she is paid as little as Pounds 12 per session.

Surely, if we are serious about providing quality pre-school provision with the planning assessment that it entails, there should be a minimum wage that reflects the responsibility involved in meeting those expectations.

R PHILLIPS 9 Barton Court Barton Road Woolacombe Devon.

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