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Result race at odds with inclusion;Letter

WE ARE a popular school, with average key stage 2 results, and a reputation for having a "rounded" view of special needs and being able to deal positively with challenging children.

A recent incident typifies what seems to be a growing trend in admissions. One of our challenging pupils was placed with foster parents in a suburban village and it was decided to move him to the local school. The headteacher refused to take him, arguing that to do so would have a detrimental effect on the school's results. The child was taxied back to us where he is welcomed and valued.

Social workers tell me that they are finding it increasingly difficult to place children. Often those in greatest need find it most difficult.

The Government is committed to two conflicting policies: improving schools through competition and social inclusion.

The suburban school will continue to be praised for achieving high results and we, while we work towards inclusion, will continue to be criticised for ours.

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