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Retired teachers should not be given priority for supply work

I read with interest your article last week, indicating that only 15 per cent of last year's probationers had got permanent teaching jobs.

Perhaps one reason is the number of retired teachers who, after accepting deals and packages, return to work, taking up supply posts that should have been offered to those many young teachers who do not have jobs.

I can understand that a busy headteacher finds it easier to employ an old trusted friend or colleague, but it shouldn't be about keeping headteachers in their comfort zone.

These jobs should go to unemployed teachers on the supply list and only in the very, very last instance, when the council's personnel department can find no other, should they be offered to the retired brigade.

To make the search easier, and in the interest of transparency, why not list these vacancies publicly so staff in all establishments can have access to them?

Faye Campbell, Balmerino Place, Glasgow.

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