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"Frailty that allows evil to triumph" (published in Friday magazine on February 18, 2005). We have withdrawn this article from our website archive because Raj Persaud copied a very substantial percentage of the article's wording, without permission or acknowledgement, from the following previously published sources: "The Man Who Shocked the World," an article written by Thomas Blass, PhD, professor of psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA, and published by Psychology Today (MarchApril 2002); and Professor Blass's informational website on Stanley Milgram,

Dr Persaud assures The TES that he intended to acknowledge Professor Blass's work in the article complained of and recognises that he should have done so. Dr Persaud further assures The TES that the omission was accidental, due to an error and not deliberate.

We apologise for the improper use of Professor Blass's material.

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